The Road to Reslience

A One Day Conference for Early years and Primary Schools led by Jean Gross CBE

Jean is a popular speaker and writer on children’s issues. She is passionate about achieving better life chances for children and young people who, in her words, ‘don’t have much going for them in their lives’.

Author of numerous articles and best-selling books, she has been a teacher, an educational psychologist, head of children’s services in a local authority, National Strategies’ Director of Inclusion, a charity CEO, government Communication Champion for children and young people, and a Visiting and Associate Fellow at three universities. She was awarded a CBE in 2011 for services to education.


 The conference will explore the following themes:

  • What makes some children and families able to overcome difficulties and disadvantage to succeed in school
  • Why some children and families are susceptible to setbacks or unable to recover
  • What self- efficacy means, why is it important, and how schools can develop it to support children, staff and parents
  • How schools can create a sense of belonging
  • How schools can give children choice and control
  • What the Ofsted Framework has to say about resilience, and how resilient schools can not only survive but thrive after a difficult Ofsted inspection

Audience: Primary Headteachers, Senior Leaders, Governors, Pastoral Support Leads, Parent Support Advisers

When: Wednesday 10th January 2018

Where: Hallgarth Manor House Hotel, High Pittington, Durham, DH61AB

Cost: £125.00 per person or £110.00 per person for two or more bookings. Please let me know if you have any special dietary requirements

How to book a place: Email Joe Sonnenfeld- 

or tel: 013664512778. You will receive a confirmation within 24 hours

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Communication Friendly Spaces- Elizabeth Jarman  

Elizabeth leads an international team of experts who offer bespoke consultancy for schools, delivering whole team training, environment audits and strategic support for leaders. She has a particular interest in engaging families in children’s learning. Elizabeth writes for the education sector press and has published several award winning books on The Communication Friendly Spaces™ Approach.

We specialise in developing really effective learning environments for children. We use The Communication Friendly Spaces™ Approach as a framework for review, to help you to re-think the way you use your environment more effectively, to support children’s learning.

Elizabeth Jarman conceptualised this approach in 2006. She says, "we need to challenge historical stereotypes around the way that environments have traditionally been set up for children, based on what we know today about brain development, language acquisition, child development and attachment theory. It's time for a re-think!"


Intended Impact

The conference will provide a challenging overview of The Communication Friendly Spaces™ Approach, to help to inspire a review and further development of learning environments to ensure they are really supporting children’s speaking and listening skills, physical development and emotional well-being. Input will illustrate the theory with lots of relevant imagery, case studies, videos and examples of impact, to demonstrate how the principles underpinning the approach have been used in practice. Using a case study approach, key strands of research will be highlighted, for example:

  • Generating familiarity, belonging and connection for families to support transition
  • Maximising the use of space- developmentally appropriate spaces
  • Storage and resource management- resources and materials ‘worth investigating’,    responsive resourcing to encourage schematic play
  • The impact of noise
  • Informed use of colour
  • The effects of light
  • The role of adults

When: Wednesday 14th March 2018

Where: Hallgarth Manor Hotel, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AB-

Start with refreshments/registration   Finish: 3.30 p.m

Cost: £125.00 per person or £110.00 for two or more delegates

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Archived material

Dr John Stephens- Deputy Director National College for Teaching and Leadership- Powerpoint presentation, Durham Teaching Schools launch event.

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Dr Tom Robson- educational Consultant- Powerpoint presentation- Durham Teaching Schools launch event

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