Lead Teachers

Lead teachers are skilled and experienced teachers whose practice is judged outstanding by their Headteacher and EDP. Lead Teachers are able to demonstrate best practice in a specific area of the curriculum. The Durham Teaching School Alliance has a wide range of Lead Teachers representing both primary and secondary phases.Lead Teachers complement the work of SLEs, LLEs and NLEs by providing another layer of school to school support.Unlike SLEs, who engage in outreach work, Lead Teachers are school based providing real opportunities for teachers and practitioners to observe excellent teaching in a school setting.  

If you would like to apply to be a Lead Teacher please complete and return the attached application form andf ask your Headteacher and EDP to supply a reference for you. There is no deadline for applications. New Lead Teachers will be added to the data base regularly.

Click here to download application form.

Click here to download the Lead Teacher Reference Proforma


The Durham Teaching School Alliance has a Directory of Lead Teachers

Click here to download a copy of the Lead Teacher Directory 2016