Commissioning Brokerage and Deployment

At the heart of system leadership provision is the deployment of successful leaders to support other schools


Different organisations will commission support from SLEs, LLEs, NLEs, and NLGs and teaching schools.

The most likely commissioners include schools, academy chains and local authorities. A teaching school may commission support for a school within its alliance.

The commissioning body will usually fund the support


The broker for the support is effectively the matchmaker- a school, individual or organisation that matches an SLE, LLE, NLE or NLG to the supported school and negotiates how the support will work.

For each deployment the brokering process will involve:

  • Finding the right SLE,LLE, NLE or NLG to undertake the specific support
  • Agreeing the objectives and expected impact
  • Agreeing the support approach
  • Agreeing the time commitment and any financial terms


The SLE, LLE, NLE or NLG is deployed to support another school. The deployment could take different forms depending on the needs of the supported school.

Quality Assurance and Review

The broker is usually responsible for ensuring that any support is delivered to a high standard and for reviewing progress against agreed objectives. The National College is responsible for the review of LLEs, NLEs, NLGs. Teaching schools are responsible for the review of designation of SLEs.